Virsog tech private limited is a global IT solutions company that stands on a reputable position in the field of information technology by offering the best services in the territory. Our services are stretched through end-to-end software development, enterprise mobility, cloud solutions and architecture, web application, E-commerce practice, testing, and quality assurance solutions. Virsog lends a helping hand to numerous customers from all over the world by providing excellent technological solutions from our side.

DevOpSpace is a part of Virsog tech, possesses infrastructure management expertise. A technology-centric team, with extensive experience handling multiple cloud environments, leading tools, technologies, and frameworks. Expert resources with multiple AWS associate and professional as well as Azure certifications.

We are adept at building a website from scratch and designing it in the most creative and resourceful ways. We create content, graphics, and involve in testing, deploying, and maintain the website. We develop mobile applications for various purposes functioning on every operating system. Virsog is actively involved in developing cloud solutions. We provide the service of testing and quality assurance solutions. Virsog has many years of business technology and engineering practices.

Web application development is one of Virsog’s major fortes. We are keen to showcase our exemplary creativity and experience in developing web and mobile applications. We are thoroughly experienced in the field of developing user-friendly and browser compatible web applications with full responsiveness. We are also graciously creative in the development and fabrication of mobile applications with superior quality in design and extreme user compatibility. We are one of the best providers of cloud services in the global IT market. Virsog’s services are of extreme accuracy and globally deliverable to the customers. The other area of expertise in Virsog includes minimum viable product development. We have showcased exceptional skills in developing MVP throughout the functional years so far. The assurance of quality in the product is our trademark. Virsog always places quality and customer satisfaction as a priority in product development.

Our Team

President & CEO

RK is the CEO and Founder who has over 24 years of experience in the IT services industry, responsible for overall leadership growth maximizing client success, and nurturing Virsogs growth and success. He has extensive experience working in Marketing and Diversification roles in varied industries. RK brings in a fresh perspective to IT services, understanding client expectations and business objectives to delivering relevant services that add recognizable value to their business.

Sarath V
Chief Technology Officer

Passionate technologists having extensive experience with a demonstrated history of working with AWS and Azure Cloud platforms. Highly skilled in designing and developing cloud/distributed applications and end-to-end pipelines.AWS certified architect professional with demonstrated experience in cloud architecting, migration, and management activities. He has also played a role in ensuring standards in the project deliverables and improving stakeholder satisfaction by taking part in driving various organizational activities.

Sandy M
Solution Architect – Infra and Cloud Services

AWS certified architect with years of experience with demonstrated working skills in Infra and Cloud services. Has intense professional experience majorly adhering to DevOps methodology & agile work culture. Sandy has been responsible for the delivery of all our Cloud & Infra projects for clients across the globe. Good in turning conceptual ideas into working solutions. In addition, Sandy is also responsible for developing new capabilities and solutions. She is very passionate about helping clients to adopt the cloud and showing them the path of innovation.

Ashish P
Delivery Head and Project Management

Known for versatility, Ashish has extensive experience in Project Management and delivering for large customers portfolios across various industries. Expert in building, retaining, and leading high-performance teams by developing, and motivating skilled professionals. Excellent problem solving with the ability to consistently produce high-quality solutions that meet both requirements and deadlines. Manage and execute project plans, delivery commitments and day-to-day activities of the engineering team within an agile environment.

Vinitha R
Director – Marketing & Client Acquisition

Experienced in client acquisition and Lead Generation, she enables rapid, steady, and measurable growth. She has excellent skills in strategic marketing, marketing operations, tech stack optimization, go-to-market campaigns in the software industry across the globe. Responsible for client acquisition, retention, and innovation management.Extremely outgoing individual who thrives in a fast-paced environment.

Maya S
Associate Director – Marketing & Branding

Experienced Marketing leader with the ability to lead marketing teams and develop, execute and improve branding and marketing activities. Expertise in integrated marketing, promotion planning, and management. Responsible for internal and external branding, client management, and retention. Provides direction, leadership, and motivation to ensure that teams perform to the best of their abilities and deliver consistently.

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