When we were introduced to the world of smartphones, it was the applications that made our life easier there. People around the globe are using millions and billions of apps on a daily basis, and no invention has had more success over the years in the cellular space than mobile applications. Also, this has facilitated the people to access their technical requirements by themselves, since there are apps available for almost all the needs of a user.

As the applications were to made separately for both the most used operating systems- Android and iOS, the developers often find it difficult since the process is lengthy and tiring.
The two systems are different from one another not just on the development level, but even in terms of design too. In the existing practices, developers not only have to write separate
codes for them but also should keep updating them with the latest features. They have to maintain uniform performance simultaneously in the platforms.

With the pace of time and technology, these apps and their development techniques have undergone many changes and advancements too. It is in the context where the developers
are troubled amidst Android and iOS’s app development, Google introduces their mobile UI framework flutter. This makes the developers build apps on iOS and Android using a
single codebase. To the question of how does it exactly work, the answer is the programming language Dart with which flutter is developed. This is quite similar to any other OOP
language, and the code gets compiled natively to render a uniform UI. It has access to platform APIs such as GPS and

Bluetooth and also, the development of flutter is mostly just a composition of widgets. These widgets result in easy and faster development cycles, and if developed once, they can be reused across multiple applications.

It is always a good idea to be updated with the advancements that happen around us. In terms of app development, when flutter offers a robust atmosphere that is cheaper, easier and
faster than the existing one, then what are you waiting for, other than to switch your options?