The abrupt hit of the COVID-19 pandemic which was followed by an extensive lockdown has made every sector change in one or the other way. While our lives and livelihoods were stagnated, it is notable that we did start adopting different means to adapt to the situation. Of all those evolutions, the most significant is the digital world, which holds an eminent position in making our survival possible to a greater extent. The use of technology has spread to almost all the fields including education, health, businesses, and so on and this has benefitted the service providers as well as the users in many ways.

As far as the health and education sectors are concerned, digitalization has been a boon since it accelerated their pace even during the disruption. The need for cutting-edge technological tools in the areas was brought to the forefront, and as a result, many innovative measures were introduced. Online consultations, online appointment systems through websites, digital
prescriptions, telehealth, and much more came up in the health sector, ensuring the improved delivery of services. The introduction of virtual tools has made doctor-patient communication easier, which also ensures the required social distancing. Several institutions adopted the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) integrated tools including voice-enabled prescriptions, that improved the outcome. Meanwhile, in the educational sector, digital learning has become the new normal.

Technology is providing all sorts of opportunities for both the teaching and learning processes. Educational institutions started to try out different methodologies online, by even developing their own applications and online portals. Also, many online platforms gained popularity and user participation as they updated themselves according to the need and demand.

Even though there is still a question of whether this shift will continue to prevail post-pandemic, there is no doubt that everyone has embraced the digital system. All of these have given rise to a suitable ground for the technology to grow and if smartly used, this era will take the digital world to high ends. More innovations and up-to-date systems will always be welcomed by time, and it
also amplifies the scope of the same in the long run. The digital evolution we go through at present is a perk that will open a way for new technological tools and services.